01 December 2008

My Life "Stitches"

Okay, I'll periodically update this to keep it current. Here's a little bit about me & mine....

My passion right now is crocheting. I say 'right now' because it used to be decorative painting! I did love to paint, but I've suffered from "burn-out" and just really needed to simplify things. Crocheting seems to fit that bill for me. I've been spending quite a bit of time in and out of hospitals & doctor's offices with my husband who is Diabetic and suffers with chronic pain from Diabetic Neuropathy, as well as other complications from the Diabetes. So, I've found that the crocheting is easy to grab-n-go! And it's so relaxing for me! Taking my crocheting along is a great way to pass time while sitting and waiting. I couldn't do that with the painting.

I'm married to a wonderful man, my hubby John, who is a Christian Apologist. We have a website that features a downloadable highlighted Bible with commentary, pictures, quotes, and more. It's cross-referenced and color-coded by subject matter, such as Science in the Bible, Spiritual Truth in the Bible, Biblical History, and even shows you where we get our Bible and which translation is the most reliable (and yes, there is a difference!) Right now it's in PDF format and the file was getting too large, so we're now offering it free on CD for just the cost of shipping. You can find it here. We have seen so many blessings through this ministry and every day God gives us both the strength to do what He wants us to accomplish. Check out my article, A Little Miracle from God about a very special set of circumstances that happened to us, and was so clearly the hand of God working in our lives that we just have to share it!

We have 3 children; 2 boys and 1 girl, and 1 granddaughter. God has blessed us with a wonderful family and opportunities to pursue His will in our lives. Our oldest son, and daddy to our granddaughter, is 27. Our second son is 14, and our daughter is 12. We homeschool the two youngest. Every Friday night we have "family night" where we watch two old sitcoms (such as The Honeymooners) followed by a good family movie, or once in a while a movie that has to do with what the kids are studying. For instance, we just watched The Right Stuff since they were learning about the 1960's and when we began space travel, the Apollo missions, etc.

Our daughter loves crafts, art, reading, writing and plays the flute quite well! She also is a HUGE Jonas Brothers fan. I enjoy their music as well and we share a lot together through this interest. She will tell you that I'm obsessed (LOL), but I'm not. My "Jonas Brothers" was the Bay City Rollers in the 70's. Both groups have similar fun, pop/rock kind of music that I really enjoy. Okay, okay, I WAS obsessed with the BCRs at the time - literally wallpapered my room with their pics and posters, had every album, knew every lyric, knew all the facts about each member of the band, etc. Oh boy, what fun I could've had if we had the internet and YouTube back then! LOL! My daughter and I both keep track of JoBro television appearances and fun, new videos of them that we send to each other. I have to say, I enjoy that the most - the fun that we share together with this music. When I was a teen and into the Bay City Rollers, I wasn't able to share my "obsession" with my mother since my mom wasn't at all into that kind of music, so she really didn't get what I was so excited about. Now though, my daughter and I can share that fun! I love it! And I totally understand her excitement. :O)

Our 2nd son is very much into military aircraft, paintball, and medieval weaponry. Wow! Hard thing for me to get into, but I do try. He's also into 3D animation and computer graphics and has created some amazing things! My husband understand's that stuff better than I do... I think it's a 'guy thing'. LOL! I do love to watch the aircraft; we live near an airport (though I don't at all want to fly in one, they are fun to watch.) Our son amazes me that he can look at any plane flying in the sky and immediately tell me what kind of aircraft it is! He knows his stuff! And speaking about the Bay City Rollers, I had the chance to totally embarrass him in the grocery store the other day. LOL! Well, isn't it a parent's prerogative to embarrass their kids once in a while? *wink* The song "Saturday Night" by the BCRs came on over the loud speaker and I, of course, got all excited and started to sing along (quietly) and dance (a little). He just wanted to crawl away, but I grabbed his shirt sleeve so he couldn't go anywhere. LOL! Gosh, I love those moments.

Our first son, and oldest, works in sheet metal. He is a wonderful daddy who loves to go snowboarding and sometimes paintball. We don't get to see him as much as I would like due to our conflicting work schedules but we talk on the phone regularly. He has blessed us with an adorable little 2 1/2 year old granddaughter who is just such a joy! She was actually quite fascinated with my crocheting the other night! Cool!

So, there's a glimpse into some of my life "stitches". So, the blog's not going to be *all* crocheting, but I will include a lot, along with little peeps into our lives.

God Bless!


  1. i feel bad for him.He can live normal life with diabetes , all he need to do is follow doctor's recommendations and fight with it darely

  2. Thank you. He has done all that, but even when you do everything you're supposed to, diabetes can do damage to your body. It causes Neuropathy which he has, both internally and in his extremeties, which causes him constant severe pain. Prayers are always appreciated. :O)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe with me, I will sure give it a try!
    Love your post, it seems like you have a wonderful loving family.

  4. Yes we do! God has surely blessed us! Thanks for your kind words. :O)