01 December 2008

Kiley's Hat

This is a crocheted floppy hat I made for my precious grandaughter, Kiley for Christmas. She is such a joy and I can't wait to see her wearing it!

Adorable Ruffles Hat

I found the Adorable Ruffles pattern HERE. It was easy to make and was the 2nd hat I ever crocheted. I was able to use up yarns I had on hand, except for the green trim, and then I added a round button and a heart button to hold up the brim.

Kiley is such a treat to be around. The other night I was visiting her before her Dad went out, which is when I stayed to watch her. She kept calling the hook a pencil, and I showed her how the "hook" worked with yarn. Well, she just had to try it herself. I gave her a bit of yarn and a big plastic hook to play with and she was walking around saying "crochet" (She's 27 months old). It was so cute!

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