13 December 2008

Popcorn Garland on our Tree!

Remember that POPCORN & CRANBERRIES GARLAND I posted about earlier? Well, we decorated our tree today and I got a great picture of the garland on our beautiful lighted tree! My free pattern can be found HERE.

The Garland on our Tree

I just absolutely LOVE this garland! It just says old-fashioned Christmas to me. Actually, where we had to put our tree this year was more in a corner so we couldn't put as many ornaments that would be able to be seen, so we picked our favorites, the really special ones, and the tree is still loaded with ornaments! But that's what Christmas is about... the memories, the special ties with loved ones.

May you have a happy, joyous Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. Like I was trying to say before, lol, this is a lovely ornamental choice, I agree, as it blends into the tree beautifully, yet also is visible in the sense of exactly that, the old-fashioned look, and it lays so nicely and "comfortably" on the tree. I love it!