27 December 2008

It was a very Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas was so special this year. We spent it with just our family - just my husband, myself and our kids... a nice quiet day enjoying the blessings God has given us, and the wonderful gift of family. Our oldest son also visited with our grandaughter and she was just a joy!

We had a special addition to our family this year - a precious little doggie who arrived on Christmas Eve. His name is Mr. Bean and he is a little 4 pound Shih-Tzu. Mr. Bean is 4 years old, is very shy and needs lots of love and attention which he is getting and adapting to quite well. :O)

He is such a loving and special little soul, and seems to have become my little shadow. LOL! You can see he's wearing his little DOG SWEATER I designed and crocheted for him. It fits him quite well!

My husband gave me a special gift as well. It holds balls (or cakes) of yarn. With this yarn stand, I can have up to 6 different colors at my fingertips while I crochet! My father-in-law helped him make it. I came up with a much smaller idea, but I didn't expect this! I LOVE it!

I need to add a rubber washer in the middle of the dowel to keep the two cakes separate. This will go well with the Scripture Afghan pattern that my son gave me, and the vintage-type sewing basket from my daughter. My mom used to have one of these when I was a kid and I always thought it was so cool. And I can't wait to try the Scripture Afghan! :O)

Our kids requested that we go nowhere for Christmas day and we gladly granted that wish. We had such an enjoyable day. Just spending time together, having fun and making probably the best Christmas dinner we have ever had! LOL We made a surf-n-turf dinner and it was wonderful! We played some new games and just had a great time! My daughter had a very Jonas Christmas. LOL She was given several gifts of Jonas Brothers items which she loved!

Oh, and my two youngest kids also got me jars of Elderberry Jelly! I love the stuff, and have only been able to get it from Lancaster, PA when someone takes a trip there. So, it's a very special treat for me. :O) Ya know, Smuckers used to sell it in the grocery stores when I was a kid. I miss that. lol

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas too! Now, I've got to get started on more crochedting. LOL

God Bless!


  1. Keep him, keep the husband! :D I've got the Scripture Afghan booklet, too, but have never finished it. I only made about 4 squares and then put it into a bag and into the closet. It's been mocking me since.

  2. My dad used to do stuff like that all the time. Alas, I have not a husband who is crafty. However, my husband is a retired chef and I get the most lovely meals when I come home from work. And he doesn't complain too much about the yarn monsters in the house. *LOL* Could be 'cause I make him lots of neat stuff.
    That really is a nice gift and I can see where it would come in handy.
    The new addition to the family looks like a sweetie. I like that sweater design. This makes me want to try one for my sister-in-law's new dog, a small little poodle that no one in her previous home liked. I can't understand why, she is a sweet girl and loves to be held and cuddled. It is a shame that when God puts such a loving soul into a home that it is not appreciated. Good thing that there are those of us who do appreciate these souls and are happily grateful to love them right back. Mr. Bean looks like he'll be quite content to be "mom's shadow" and will settle in quite well with a family who will love him right back.
    Happy crocheting!

  3. Wow you sure did have a lovely Christmas. Love the doggie, and your new yarn holder. :) Have a happy New Year!!!

  4. Are those paper-towel holders? What a great idea. Some people have quite the imagination. I think that is wonderful that your husband loves you enough to support your passion for crochet/knitt. The dog is precious; I actually emailed your site to a friend who has the same breed of dog; she is a little down so I thought the pics of your dog would cheer her up. My hubby bought me two great crochet books...Sensual Crochet and Crochet Me...along with Joanns gift certificate....he also got me some other wonderful gifts but I loved the crochet gifts the most because it tells me he is thining of me and supporting my passion. Have a great New Year.

  5. hey mom its me taylor =D you forgot that i gave chris a jar of dirt... hahahaha

    and to everyone, it was a VERY jonas christmas for me! =D i got... a purse, a poster, a hat, 2 pin-on buttons, a calender, and the book that they themselves wrote!!! =D im so blessed to be able to have family that dosnt get annoyed at my obbsession with them. =] i talk about the Jonas Brothers constantly. =D i have posters all over my room. =D I LOVE THEM!!!!!

    Peace, Love & Jonas,