13 January 2009

Crimson Ice Flower Granny

I've just designed my first Granny Square! It's a 5-sided Granny (so, yeah, technically it's not a 'square' LOL) I love the 3D effect, and the little "icicle" spikes keep it from curing up too much.

Crimson Ice Flower 5-sided Granny

I had fun doing this one. It just popped into my head (yet, again lol) when I was trying to figure out what to do with my Heart Afghan that I'm working on. I can't use this 5-sided one with that afghan, but I will make one sometime using this pattern.

I have the pattern available for free. You can click HERE. The pattern also has an option to add another row of white if you so choose.

12 January 2009

Recent Hats & Scarves

Here's a few of the hats and scarves I made for Christmas gifts this year. I couldn't post these hats & scarves earlier because they were a surprise. :O) There's still a couple I need to get pictures of. I forgot to take pics of them before giving them as gifts! :\

Sunshiny Day Hat & Casual Scarf

This is my daughter being her random self. LOL! (And yes, those are Jonas Brothers posters behind her. lol) This is the pink hat and scarf set I made her for Christmas. The pattern for this hat can be found HERE, however this pattern called for a puff stitch, but I chose to use a popcorn stitch instead. My puff stitches were just coming out way too tight! lol And I adapted this Casual Scarf pattern in the same way to match the hat.

Brown Hat with Red Trim

This is a hat my husband asked me to make. This one wasn't a Christmas gift, it was just because he wanted to keep his head warm. :O) I basically did this one on the fly, from memory with a pattern from Mikeyssmail on YouTube. I just used the basic increases that I've used before with his pattern for beanies and just periodically tried it on my husband's head! This one of course, has the extra fold up rim, so it's not really a beanie. :O)

Camo Hat

You're being watched!! :O LOL! And, last but not least, is the Camo set I made for my younger son. I can't remember which pattern I used for this one. I'll have to look it up and add it here later. This has a basic scarf to match but it's not in the pic. He's always got this hat on his head! LOL

Now to get a pic of the black hat I made for my older son, the scarf I made for my granbaby's mommy, and the scarf I made for my best friend, and the hat & scarf set I made for another friend... More pics to come (I hope) LOL!

11 January 2009

Heart Afghan beginnings

Well, now that the Holidays are over, I hope everyone had a Joyous Christmas and enjoyed a nice start of the New Year. My first blog of 2009 is the start of a new afghan. Only the 2nd afghan I've ever tried, and the first one was started 35+ years ago.... and is STILL not finished! LOL

This was my own idea. Very simple really. I'm using Lionbrand Homespun yarn for the gray (Eduardian color) squares and the white borders, and Vanna's Choice cranberry color yarn for the red hearts and the white squares (which aren't done yet). I hope these two yarns will go together okay. They're both so soft!

The cranberry hearts are part of a pattern called Heart of a Child from SmoothFox's Etsy shop. I really LOVE this heart pattern, which will be in the center of a white square when finished.

Then I will be connecting the gray squares alternated with the heart squares for the afghan. This one is for me. :O) I've spent months making things for everyone else so now this is for me. My recliner is in a chilly part of the room so I can't wait to get this one done! It's going to be so soft and warm! :O)