01 December 2008

Color by Degrees Afghan - My old/new project

Okay, I'm new at this blog thing. I actually started up this account for a contest, but since I really like crocheting and have been doing several projects lately, I thought... why not?

Color by Degrees Afghan

This is my oldest project. Color by Degrees Afghan - my own original design. My pattern can be found HERE or listed under My Patterns in the box on the right. It's a very simple afghan starting with a row of granny squares and then using only double crochet stitches & chain stitch. The design is a little unique in that I increase the width of the stripes as I go along.

I started this afghan after my mother taught me to crochet in the early 70's... some 35+ years ago! I never finished it. I took it out a couple of times and added another row or two, but that was it. It stayed packed away for years in the back shed (I hadn't even realized it had ended up in there!) A few years ago we cleaned out that old shed (turned it into a screened pool house) and I came across my afghan, still in perfect shape believe it or not! So, I packed it better and moved it into my craft area of the house.

Recently, I got back into crocheting, and am loving it! So, I dug out that old afghan. I am determined this time to actually finish the thing. LOL! Although it will have to wait till after the holidays since I am busy crocheting Christmas gifts. The colors don't match anything in my house, but that's not the point! It's the sentiment, the memories, the determination to finish it that will make it special. And the fact that it was the first real thing I actually crocheted. :O)

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