12 May 2009

Ballerina Puppet progress

Here's what I've done so far on the Ballerina Puppet pattern from Laura's Left Hook. The head and both arms are done, plus the little finger hole thing that goes inside the head. One half of the body is finished here. I still have to do the other half and the legs. Then put it together and finish off with the hair. The little ridge on the body is where I'll attach the tutu.

I think it's going to be so cute! It's a little smaller puppet than I had pictured, but it will be perfect for my granddaughter's little hands. :O)

11 May 2009

Ballerina Puppet - Beginning

I'm testing a pattern for Laura's Left Hook of her Ballerina Puppet. I just love this pattern! She did a great job of writing it and it is very easy to follow so far. :O)

Here's where I have started the head. The yarn I am using is actually a slightly more creamy looking off-white than the picture shows. So far, I'm not overly happy with the Red Heart Soft Yarn. It splits too easily while crocheting, but it was the closest to flesh-colored yarn I could find.

I think my granddaughter will end up with this puppet. She's in a little preschool dance class and wears a little tutu... and looks adorable! (No Grandma bias here.... yeah, right! Ha ha!)
I'll post more as the project progresses...

This picture is similar to the pattern I'm testing for Laura.

10 May 2009

My 'Happy Tears' Mother's Day!

I wanted to share with you just what a wonderful family I have! Yeah, yeah... I know... we moms ALL say that, right? Ha ha! But, I'm bein' fer real! *wink* Take a look-see...

First, here's what was ordered for me for my garden. A Chinese Empress Tree and a Sungold Butterfly Bush, I can't wait for them to arrive!

Next, here's a lovely Azalea from my oldest son. Azaleas don't seem to like the spot I picked near my driveway, so I'm going to find a better spot to plant this one.

The card from my Granddaughter. And my oldest son's CRAZY card to me. LOL! We both know what this card means and we had a good laugh with it. :O) Oh, the challenges of parenthood. Ha ha!

Next, this is a really big card made by our two teenagers (13 & 14.5), with a little help from Dad. :O)

The smaller picture (from the top center of the big card) is a note from my younger son (the 14 year old). It says, "You are a cool Mom! Keep doing that ASL ~ Love Chris" (I love being called a "cool mom") I've been learning American Sign Language. I didn't even realize he was paying that much attention! Ha ha!

This is an envelope taped to the bottom left of the big card, which said "To the Best Mom". After opening it up, it said, "If there were a billion ways to say 'I love you' then we'd say them all. But since there's only one, then we'll say it a billion times!! WE LOVE YOU, MOM!!"

This was the bottom center part, using scrapbook letters and some letters that my daughter did herself beautifully in Calligraphy (the really fancy black letters cut from white paper), which says, "Happy Mother's Day! Love, Chris & Taylor 2009" The other picture is from the top right; a note from my wonderful husband. :O) It says, "To the Dear Mother of my children. Happy Mother's Day! 2009 John"

These were across the center of the big card. They say things like, "Dream" "Cherish Family" "Celebrate Together" "Treasure the Gift of Friends" "Mom"

The drawing is from the bottom right of the big card. Such a cute & sunny scene! I love it! The other is the note from my daughter (the 13 year old). It says, "Mom, I love you so much. No matter how many times we fight, or get mad at each other, just know that nobody on this Earth has a better mom. You are the Best!! I will always love you! Love, Taylor"

God has surely blessed me with a Wonderful family! And I had a blessed Mother's Day, with happy tears!

God Bless!