03 March 2009

Winter Love Afghan - changes/progress

Here's an update on my Winter Love Afghan. I've changed how I was connecting the squares together, by using the Flat Braid method. You can find a video tutorial HERE. I love this method!

I'm using Vanna's Choice yarn in Cranberry, White & Dusty Green. The cranberry & green match my Living Room colors. I've got two full rows done and I need to have 8 rows for the full blanket (8 rows of 5 squares = 40 squares; 20 of each pattern)

I am anxious to get it done, but I will have to put it aside (again) for a bit to crochet my grandaughter's Easter gift - a Bunny Blanket. More on that later.... lol

These patterns are from SmoothFox's Etsy Shop. I used the 7x7 Easy Snowflake Square pattern, and the Revised Heart of a Child pattern (which I 'revised' just a little for my needs. lol)


  1. Lauren I really like this Afghan and truth be told I am not a fan of the square. I also love the color you chose to join the squares...I would have never thought to use a 3rd color. I am not great with putting colors together I usually as for the hubsters opinion or just let him pick colors for me when he goes to Joanns with me.....which is most of the time..I drag him with me the poor guy and make him stand in line so I can use two coupons instead of one.

  2. Thanks Gloria! I actually saw someone's afgan using pink, cranberry & white, and connected with a similar green. I liked the cranberry & green together, and since I had already bought too much of the Dusty Green for my Mom's rug (Lattice Rose Rug) I used that and I thought it looked great together.

    Great idea for using the coupons at JoAnn's Fabrics! LOL! I'll have to try that with my hubby.

  3. http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=3660

    Lauren this is the link to the Afghan I just posted on my blog...I crack myself up...I found the afghan at bernat.com not lionbrand....I fixed that error...ha ha....!