06 March 2009

Comfort Shawl

The picture on the left is me showing off my comfort shawl... I hate how I look in pictures, so I trimmed the picture to just show off the shawl. My daughter however, is a complete ham! LOL So maybe I'll just have her do my modeling from now on. Ha ha!

You can find the pattern for this shawl at LionBrand.com. I just love it! It's so warm and cozy. The pattern called for Chenille Thick & Quick, but I used Jiffy Mohair-like yarn and a size P hook (I think), and I also made the starting chain a little longer. I had been gifted a couple of skeins and it felt so soft I wanted to use it. I didn't have quite enough, and the color was no longer available, BUT, I found someone on Ebay who had some so I was able to finish the shawl! Yea!

You can barely see it in the pictures but I'm using a crochet hook as a shawl pin to hold it in place on my shoulder. I saw that on the internet somewhere and I thought it was such a cool thing. Ha ha!


  1. It looks definitely looks soft and cozy! I will have to check out the pattern.

  2. I LOVE your shawl! I need to make something like that for the in between weather that is hopefully coming our way... =)

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I'm from South Jersey (Newfield, to be exact), too. I miss being close to my family and my home church (in Hammonton). But at the same time, it's exciting to be out on our own here in Central Jersey.

    Have a wonderful day!