24 March 2009

Our Little Ewok!

I thought I'd update ya on our little Shih-Tzu, Beans that came to us on Christmas Eve. I posted about him when he first arrived, when his hair was really short. Well, this is now, 3 months later. :O)


Now look at him next to a picture of an Ewok...

Now tell me Beans doesn't look just like a cute li'l ol' Ewok!
Cuter even. Or maybe even a baby Chewbacca in that bottom picture! Ha ha! He's such a sweetie too. And spoiled rotten! Ha ha!


  1. I love the picture comparisons and even more I love his name. Where did you come up with that? So clever.

  2. Ha ha! Actually his formal name, from previous owners, is "Mr. Mocha Bean" (I think I have that right) and we were calling him "Mr. Bean" (like that funny British actor) I think his hair color kinda fits the "mocha" part of his name, but I have a habit of shortening names, so I just call him "Beans" (which is also a nickname of a favorite Uncle of mine.) And he's little enough to be a "bean". Ha ha! So, "Beans" it is. :O)