10 March 2009

Free Highlighted Bible on CD

We interrupt this blog to bring you a word from our sponsor...

Okay, I'm going to add a shameless plug here. Ha ha!

My husband's ministry, Eternal Answers Ministry (EAM) is releasing our King James Highlighted Bible in PDF format on CD for FREE (with just $3.00 shipping.) We have had it available for download, but the file size was a bit large so we're now offering it for free on CD. Those of you who have a slower internet connection will love this!

Here's the little blurb from our shopping cart:

"Our Highlighted Bible is an annotated King James Bible with notes and commentary from our own Christian scholars as well as other contemporary and historical commentators on a vast variety of subjects, such as Science in the Bible, Spiritual Truth in the Bible, Biblical History, and much more! We've even included some photos! Currently produced in PDF format."

It's color coded and cross-referenced, and it even explains where we get the Bible and which translation is the most reliable and why... (and yes, there is a difference!)

Here's a link so you can view a sample PDF of the first few pages. You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Highlighted Bible. It's a free download and you can find it HERE.

To find out more about our ministry and order the CD, click HERE or click on the link in the right hand panel. For right now, our cart is only set up to ship within the continental USA. (If you live outside the 48 states, email us to find out about shipping costs.)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog... *wink*

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