25 March 2009

My Daughter and Her Flute

This is my daughter Taylor playing Lovebug by the Jonas Brothers on her flute! She was practicing and I heard her and went into her room and asked her to play it again so I could video it. :O) We both love this song. ("I dropped my pencil!" Ha ha!)

Now here she is just being random with her flute teacher Bethany. Bethany is wonderful, very talented on the flute (you'll hear her play solo in the video) and is just a fabulous teacher for Taylor. Taylor just loves her! They were being goofy in this video, dressing up and playing their flutes. They played together and separate, and Taylor played Lovebug by the Jonas Brothers on her flute as well. (See? I told ya she loves that song! Ha ha!) The first song they play together is what they call the "Awesome Sauce Song". Ha ha!

See? They're crazy, right? Ha ha! But we just love Bethany!


  1. Your flute playing daughter has another fan - my cat Lucy. She was trying to get INTO the computer to find the sound, and now she's sitting beside me purring and staring at the screen waiting for it to start again! :) Well done!

    And happy belated birthday to you, Lauren! I'm glad you like the Christmas Rose :-D

  2. LOL! That is so cute! I told Taylor and she just thought that was so cool, and so did her teacher Bethany. (They were just finishing Taylor's lesson when I read your message.)

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes, too! LOVE your blog!