11 May 2009

Ballerina Puppet - Beginning

I'm testing a pattern for Laura's Left Hook of her Ballerina Puppet. I just love this pattern! She did a great job of writing it and it is very easy to follow so far. :O)

Here's where I have started the head. The yarn I am using is actually a slightly more creamy looking off-white than the picture shows. So far, I'm not overly happy with the Red Heart Soft Yarn. It splits too easily while crocheting, but it was the closest to flesh-colored yarn I could find.

I think my granddaughter will end up with this puppet. She's in a little preschool dance class and wears a little tutu... and looks adorable! (No Grandma bias here.... yeah, right! Ha ha!)
I'll post more as the project progresses...

This picture is similar to the pattern I'm testing for Laura.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope it all makes sense to you. Let me know if you have any problems as you go along....I have one that has all the parts made except for the hair that I need to finish up myself.